Colony Room Characters

Soho Faces

In order of appearance:

Covent Garden Mick, Lord Chaos, Lisa Stansfield, Maid Marrion, Marsh Dunbar, Aunty Fred, George Melly, Henrietta Moraes, Tom Deas, Mumsie, Foreskin, Graham Mason, I.D.A Board, Francis Bacon, Muriel Belcher, Daniel Farson, Bruce Bernard, Catherine Shakespeare Lane, Frank Norman, Merilyn Thorold, Big Eddi, Bookshop Billy, Jeff Bernard, Fuzzy, Lucian Freud, Carmel, John Hurt, Brian The Burglar, Hampstead Heath, Michael Wojas, Minty, Twiggy

Francis Bacon loved his clothes. He was very fashion-conscious and always immaculately dressed. One afternoon Francis walked in, annoyed and pulling his collar.

"What's wrong, Francis?" asked Ian.

"Harrods, I'm never going to that shop again."

Francis had attended a special night for select clients and bought a lot of clothes, but when he got home he'd decided he didn't like any of them.

"I bought so many suits and shirts and threw the lot in the dustbin."

You'd never seen the club empty so quickly. And the very next day everyone was up the club parading around in their new suits and shirts from Francis' dustbin.